Our homes reflect our ideologies, and that is why it is vital to keep them clean. Despite everything, some pests enter our homes, making it difficult to maintain cleanliness standards. Spiders are one such category of pests that nobody can tolerate.

Whatever the kind of spider, their presence is a big let-down. It is advisable to get rid of them at the earliest. Here we will mention some simple ways you could use to do so.

Factors that attract a spider

Before anything, it is essential to know what attracts spiders to any home:

Weather-When the outside weather is too harsh to tolerate, the spiders will find some way to come inside.

Availability of food: If the home is where moths, ants, etc. thrive, the spiders will follow suit.

Habitat- Spiders prefer living in dark spaces like basements, garages, and attics. So if you have one, keep it clean.

Mating-If you already have spiders in the home, they may attract others during mating.

Damaged places- Spiders located crevices and gaps in your walls and windows. It is barely some time before they come inside. Contact a Melbourne pest control company to handle these guests for you.

Inside your home

Some methods that you could use for inside the home are:

  • Setting up spider traps-You can place sticky glue traps that would catch the spiders, especially in places where there are many of them. These traps are available at every home and garden store. However, make sure you keep them away from pets and kids’ reach.

  • Peppermint oil– This is a home remedy and is effective in removing spiders. Peppermint oil’s smell repels the spiders away. Add 15-20 drops of the oil to a bottle of water and spray wherever you see the spiders.

  • Vinegar– To remove spiders easily, Vinegar is an easy option. Again fill a spray bottle half with water and half with vinegar and spray wherever necessary. You can use the same mixture again after a few days.

  • Using Insecticide-There are insecticides that could help you tackle spiders at home. These are available at home stores and are suitable for baseboards, under the furniture, and in the nooks and corners. Again these are chemical based and could harm pets and kids.

  • Spider catchers- Another option that you could put to use was a spider catcher. Basically, a spider catcher is like a wand that can pick up spiders. It will hold the spider until you drop it outside. It is better to use it along with the home remedies we have mentioned above.

  • Keeping the home clean- One reason why pests get attracted to a home is that the cleanliness is not up to the mark. Remove any food leftovers as they can attract ants and beetles, which spiders prey on. Wipe all the counters and wash and clean the dirty dishes in your sink. Keep removing any clutter like newspapers and magazines, as they are familiar places for pests to thrive.

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